Something Strange About This New 3DS Game…

What seems like found footage of a documentary that may have been shot in real-time, Nintendo recently tweeted a YouTube video about a mysterious book. Click the link to discover exactly what is going on.

3DS Game Gear Virtual Console Offers Improved Emulator

Nintendo 3DS owners who’ve purchased the new Game Gear games recently released on the 3DS eShop will notice a better and more option filled emulator interface. Besides mapable buttons, they have added short cuts to the different Screen Settings options. Instead of having to press a combination of buttons on the software start up, users can now (with a user friendly interface), simply select Normal, Dot by Dot (1 for 1 original resolution), or Full. They also have the option to turn Game Gears infamous Blur on and off. If you haven’t checked the Nintendo 3DS eShop lately than you may be missing out on new content.

Game Gear Makes A Comeback!


Nintendo fans checking out Thursdays’ eShop update will be in for quite a surprise. Finally, Nintendo bountifully released three Virtual Console Game Gear games. Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Shinobi, and Dragon Crystal have been released with prices ranging from $2.99-$4.99. This is the first time Nintendo has released Game Gear games for the 3DS and hopefully we will see more to come.